Which suburbs of Melbourne are worst for junkies?


Drug abuse is a serious problem across Melbourne, and there’s a lot of initiatives out there to try and minimise the harm on the community that it causes.

Unfortunately, some Melbourne suburbs are particularly susceptible to this problem, which attracts a lot of undesirable activity. Many people feel that certain Melbourne suburbs have a large number of junkies, and are to be avoided due to street crime, theft and violence.

It’s often a matter of personal views. Although some folks would nominate Melbourne inner suburbs as the worst for junkies, just as many may claim that the outer Melbourne suburbs are contributing to the problem.

Which areas of Melbourne are worst for drug abuse, and how can we fix the problem?


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  2. To be specific the order according to me is Sunshine, Footscray, Dandenong, Melton, Werribee, and surrounding areas are junkie areas. To stop this there should be more police patrolling at night and early morning. People should not give them money. If someone really needs help call 000 for rehabilitation purposes.

  3. I live in Melbourne CBD and literally cannot walk more than 100 meters without being harassed by junkies for money and/or cigarettes by junkies. For a while I had empathy for the people who sit on the streets begging for money with cardboard signs stating they are homeless… I have since learnt that ALL of them ate into some scam, most of which is to support their drug habit… There is such a thing called free will, thus I see no excuse for these parasites of society… All they do is effectively steal and lie… So next time you see someone with a cardboard sign, stop and think, do you want to support their drug habit that perpetuates crime? Also… These junkies will steal anything to support their habit and take it to pawnbrokers or cash converters.,. So next time you wonder into those stores, again stop and think… And walk down ALL streets in the CBD with your phone and purse safely secured in your bag as they are also experts at thieving… Stay well clear of these parasites of society …