Which tram route in Melbourne has the weirdest passengers and why?


It’s no secret that some tram routes in Melbourne are used by, let’s say, “eclectic” passengers.

If you’re looking at a tram map… which lines do you believe are the biggest culprits for strange passengers? Be certain to mention your favourite tram passenger experiences as well.


  1. I used to think 86 until I moved east & started using the 109. So many doped up smackheads get on along Victoira Street, sometimes violent. Will only take the 48 now. Much nicer class of weirdo on that route.

  2. The 86 is a contender but I have to go with the 109 all the way. I take interstate friends on that tram as part of their introduction to Melbourne tour and it never fails to deliver it’s own special slice of Richmond weirdness. The weirdest weirdness.

  3. The 112 has that cowboy dude that holds up the Rose Street Market sign at the weekend. He looks very rock and roll and often shouts “BRING BACK THE CONDUCTORS!!!!!”

  4. The 86, without doubt. There’s a bloke who fishes at Port Melb. and travels back and fro from Preston with his fishing gear. I prefer to ride the 112 instead.

  5. Route 86 especially along Smith Street to the City. Lots of interesting and entertaining characters!

  6. Every time I’m on Route 109, there is a bright array of weirdness to keep me entertained. Happy alcohol-fueled ramblings are good. Random doped out people who get on, punch a random guy and get off – not so good.

  7. Any of the trams running from Flinders St to St Kilda along St Kilda Road. In the peak hour rush, both in the morning and afternoon there is a older scruffy looking guy who gets on and pushes his way from the front of the packed tram to the back of the tram for no apparent reason. He annoys the hell out of everyone. Occasionally he’ll curse loudly at himself. I don’t think he’s all there.

  8. The last time I had weird passengers was on a Swanston St tram, who were shouting ‘WELCOME TO THE TRAM’. I would say any tram along Swanston (or at least goes past Flinders Station).