Who is the best doctor in Melbourne?


Getting hold of the right doctor can be a great challenge, primarily because of its size. Going through dozens of databases just to find the right doctor is a tedious task and one that most of us do not have adequate time for. Another disadvantage of this method of searching is the lack of input from others. All you have is the doctor’s contact details and office location. You have no idea of knowing whether he or she is actually among the top in his or her field or not.

The best recommendations, however, always come our way by word of mouth. So, we’re asking you. Where is the best doctor Melbourne based and why?


  1. Dr. Thanu Shekar at Armadale Women’s Clinic, for sure. She’s a GP, and hugely knowledgable. Also one of the most friendly, funny and warm people I’ve ever met. She’s patient, accepting and understanding. I’m comfortable in telling her anything, and I have no trouble in asking her any questions that I mightn’t feel comfortable asking another doctor. No matter how obscure the question, she’ll always have the answer. I find myself looking forward to going to see her – she’s that great. I’ve definitely found my GP for life in Thanu, and I recommend her to anyone I can. She is truly fantastic.

  2. Dr Lesley Hoy at Camberwell Junction Medical Centre. Fantastic doctor. Listens, acts and follows up. Excellent analytical skills.

  3. Dr Brent May trauma anaesthlogists very good at his work and knowledgable in his area! If you ever get to meet him I would recommend him as a doctor if you ever need surgery ( :