Who makes the best sushi in Melbourne?


Sushi is Japanese for freakin’ delicious. Japanese food in Melbourne is as popular as it’s ever been, and there’s hundreds of choices of sushi restaurants out there these days – so who makes the best sushi in Melbourne CBD or inner suburbs?

Perhaps there’s a higher-end Japanese restaurant that you’re a fan of in Melbourne – Nobu is continually cited as preparing some of the best sushi in Melbourne. But perhaps you’ve found that some of the chain stores like Sushi Sushi and Shuji Sushi are preparing some of the best you’ve tasted as well.

Although some may look down their nose at them, let’s not forget that sushi trains are one of the most fun ways to share a meal with friends in Melbourne. Perhaps you’ve even found the holy grail: all you can eat sushi! But who does it best?

Share your vote for the best sushi in Melbourne below.


  1. Definitely Kenzan, it has the quality of a very good and very expensive Japanese restaurant in Tokyo, and the lunch boxes are amazing value for the price and beautifully presented.. Also excellent friendly Japanese staff rather than others… Not to be missed if you are looking for a real ‘Japanese’ experience…

  2. For mine, it’s Aijitoya on Charles St in Seddon (Melbourne’s west). Great customer service, relatively cheap and fantastic location being a stone’s throw from the city.

  3. Wabi Sabi Garden in St Kilda. Amazing original combinations like Eggplant, Miso & Cashew, best Sushi I’ve ever tasted. In the world!

  4. Suzuran serve fresh sushi. The best one is ” Bara Chirashi sushi” in Shun, Carnegie.
    It’s very famous in Japanese community here.

  5. Suzuran on Burke Rd Camberwell for sure – plump, fresh and generously sized portions – the benchmark for any other sushi you will ever eat in Melbourne again! Promise!

  6. Last time I visit Tomodachi their sushi was awful and exxy (but that was 3-4 yrs ago admittedly). I reckon Shoya and Kenzan GPO serves the best sushi. Forget about Kenzan Collins St, they are mediocre

  7. Kenzan restaurant in Collins St, Tomodachi Sushi Train in Melb Central. Nobu’s is pretty good if you can handle the ridiculous price and pretenious of the place.

  8. Sushi Ten in Port Phillip Arcade, without a doubt. Run by Japanese, frequented by Japanese – good quality and cheap!


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