Who Serves the Best Coffee in Melbourne?

The search is on for Melbourne's best coffee

Melbourne has long been Australia’s unofficial coffee capital – some say that we have the best coffee in the world. Finding a decent caffeinated beverage here is like finding sand in the Sahara – it’s everywhere.

But finding Melbourne’s best coffee is another story. In a sea of strong contenders, it takes an especially robust blend to stand out.

When we first started looking for Melbourne’s best coffee back in 2009, you flooded us with hundreds of suggestions. From the silkiest lattes to the best baristas to your deepest single origin secrets, you put some seriously kick-ass coffee haunts on our radar. Honorable mentions went to Fitzrovia in St Kilda, Proud Mary in Collingwood, Seven Seeds in North Melbourne, Fitzroy’s Atomica and Brunswick’s Code Black.

Fast-forward to 2017 and these Melbourne mainstays are still putting smiles on the faces of local coffee lovers. But a whole new cohort of roasters and caffeine connoisseurs has entered the scene since then.

What’s the current state of play in the Melbourne coffee game? Where can a caffeine fiend get a quality fix? Who serves up the finest blends? Where are the sharpest baristas?

Every Melburnian has a personal favourite. Don’t keep it to yourself – spill those coffee beans.