Why did you move to Melbourne?


suitcasesEveryone arrived in this city somehow – you were either born here, or you moved here by choice!

There’s always interesting stories to share about why you moved here… exactly what was it that attracted you to the big smoke? Or perhaps you moved here from another city, or even country!

Share your reasons why Melbourne was so attractive to you.


  1. Moved here to be closer to my sister. 9 years later, still here, but would still prefer to live in my hometown of Sydney any day – still get homesick :( It’s the lack of beaches in melb for me. If there were real beaches I’d be quite happy here (maybe a few more sunny days wouldn’t go astray either!)

  2. My parents met in Melbourne in the 80s. Dad is from Brisbane, and Mum was born abroad. They made Melbourne their home, and I grew up in this amazing city.

    A couple of years ago, I was offered a promotion that would require me to move to another Australian city. I took it, but living away from Melbourne broke my heart. I love this city – I love her vibrancy, her multiculturalism, her classiness, her food, her art, her music, her comfort, and her history.

    The City of Melbourne is the love of my life, and Melbourne is calling me home. I’m moving back early next year – back to laneway coffee, back to tucked-away art installations, back to any cuisine I fancy, back to my family, back to my roots, and back to the city I love.

    I can’t wait.

  3. Hi I am originally from Sydney moved to Melbourne almost 5 years ago havent looked back since. Friendlier people, easier to get around and the gay community in Melbourne although a lot smaller than sydney it is far friendlier and the 21 years I lived in sydney I only had two friends moved to melbourne in a span of a year double than what I had just a slightly affordable lifestyle. SYDNEY ARE JUST A PACK OF SNOBS THAT SYDNEY SIDERS THINK THEY ARE ON PAR WITH LONDON AND NEW YORK WRONG

  4. I moved to Melbs about 10 months ago from Toronto Canada. I moved here for a graduate program and really had no idea what I was getting myself into. Definitely one of the better surprises I’ve had in this life of mine. I love it!

  5. Living in Echuca, hubby and I wanted to realise our mutual dream of inner-city living. We were living in Echuca in 2004, but spent a lot of weekends down in Melbourne (footy and other interests).

    One Saturday night after watching Collingwood play at the MCG, we walked past the old Herald Sun building on our way to our Motel, and noticed construction inside.

    After initial enquiries and some design work later, we moved our family into the CBD and have not looked back.

    Not having a balcony, the kids used to spend weekends skateboarding and playing footy in the Fitzroy Gardens on Spring Street. That kept lots of passersby entertained……especially when our 6yo laid on his board and flew on the path from one corner of the park to the other.

    There is no doubt that Melbourne is the City for us. No matter where we travel, Melbourne will always be home.

  6. Originally from Adelaide, my husband and I moved to London in 1997 for 8 years and when we returned we moved to Melbourne but only for 10 months before moving to Sydney for work. 5 years later we packed our bags and moved back to Melbourne – why? Food, AFL, Grand Prix, The Tan, Albert Park, culture, architecture, local famers markets plus its got so much style xx

  7. I moved from NSW after moving from QLD… silly me!? I was mostly attracted to opportunity… Melbourne is a cross-cultural diverse city with lot’s of opportunity and talented people… The best thing about Melbourne would be that people are doing things all the time…

  8. I lived in Brisbane holiday’d in LA & met a hot Melbourne girl. Moved down soon as I could, one year married!
    The culture & celebration of diversity is morerobust here.
    I got a stellar job pays more than Brisbane

  9. I moved from Sydney in mid 2010 as I was over the entire busy city, constant go go atmosphere.
    I always loved visiting melbourne and I have lived in UK and Sydney Melbourne is amazing.

    From the outset the thing I found is how incredibly friendly people were. I know it’s the old Sydney v Melbourne chess nut but I find Sydney types, rude, in a constant rush and if you meet a stranger they will make their decision on you based on where you went to school, wher you live etc.

    I think that this sums it up perfectly Melboune is the lady Sydney is the bitch!

  10. The Melbourne where I live is leafy and safe. I even like the changeable weather, even though people make fun of it. I love the cultural mix – Italian, Greek, European and now Asian. I love the food. And I love the people. I hate the hot summer days, but then, that’s Australia for you. I do wish we had a wider, more picturesque river – but I love Melbourne and won’t live anywhere else.

  11. im 16 and dont live there. im 2 hours away and get there as much as possible because i love the city and everything you can do. one thing im looking forward too is the party life in melbourne, a night in the city could mean endless fun!

  12. I moved to Australia 18 months ago and spent the first 12 months in Sydney, moved to Melbourne for work and loving it! I am not sorry to have left the ‘plastic’ culture of Sydney. Melbourne has so much heart and culture, and lots of interesting hidden spots. The people here are real and warm. Melbourne is the place to be.

  13. That is so amazing!!! Right now, I still got a long way to go. I will visit this blog often! =]

  14. I was born, bred, educated and have 25 year work history in Melbourne. The reason I moved OUT of Melbourne is because of the Sydney, Queensland, South Australian, West Australian, Tasmanian and New Zealand scum that moved here. They can’t ‘make it’on their own turf and consantly seek greener pastures.
    I like the Indians, Chinese and other foreigners. They settle, have families and add to the diverse city which is Melbourne.
    Bogans from other states just add to the ‘bogan menace’ which already exists here.

  15. Because it has things Sydney doesn’t like – friendly people, a decent live music scene, bars that aren’t full of pokies, AFL coverage, and did I mention friendly people?

  16. Originally because a friend said “it would suit you”. Now because : thriving live music scene, better food, saner people, wider streets, less traffic, lower cost of living.

  17. A musical folly. and then I met a boy. and now, although the weather’s not the greatest, where else can I get what I get in Melbourne (fashion, food, and flavour) anywhere else in Australia? Answer: Nowhere! And believe me, I’ve thought loooong and hard about this..

  18. because there is absolutely nothing to do in Sydney except go the beach. that and because melbourne is the greatest city on earth.

  19. I moved from England to get the best of everything, beach, weather, culture, music, food, lifestyle, cost of living. Oh. And I met a boy.